Unable to find the right words to tell your friend that her boyfriend is not all that he seems?

Awkward, isn’t it?

Not anymore.

Break it gently through the medium of poetry and with the help of characters from politics, history and popular culture.

One evening, watching Newsnight, I was struck by an uncanny similarity that inspired me to take up the pen: “Your boyfriend reminds me of Nick Clegg…”

I soon realised a similar approach could be used to alert many a friend to her unfortunate choice of boyfriend, and so began this blog.

Shortly afterwards, my mother took up the theme and the following entries appear courtesy of her own fair hand: Bruce Willis, Graphene, Higgs Boson, Angela Merkel, rhubarb and a photon.

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If you’d like to get in touch please email: yourboyfriendremindsmeof@gmail.com or you can tweet me.

P.S. Things I love (or “people I know and like and people I would like to know”):

  • A Confederacy of Spinsters  because it’s a nice little reference point for surviving your twenties;
  • Bohemian at Best  because of its glorious style and substance;
  • Charlotte Forsdick because she’s a talented young film maker and director, check out her showreel on Vimeo too;
  • A Crap Bit of Something Good  because those awkward moments of daily disappointment ought to be celebrated in comic form regularly; 
  • Fictional Policy  because fictional characters are affected by politics, current affairs and pop culture too;
  • Mary Lockwood  because she’s a storyteller, writer and general inventor of cool stuff for kids and grown ups alike; 
  • Your Mom is Like Science  because if you like jokes and science you need this blog in your life.

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